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I'm on a journey through life trying to make the most of it while learning as much as I can. I'm from Phoenix and I feed off positive energy and good vibes. I have a lot of interests but photography is my main one. If you want an event covered, want a photoshoot, or if you need to get in contact with me for any other reason just shoot me a message at and we'll make it happen. You can hit me up on twitter as well. Thanks for checking out my blog.
Glory to God

Common - The Light



I took this at a park down the street from where I live. My uncle told me this quote the other day. "The basics to success are thinking, reflecting and having the strength to bring it into action." I've been doing the thinking part, started to reflect, then after this it's just accomplishing goals.


BrittNicole said...

This picture is epic=)

Greyson said...

Thank you Brittany :)

melinda said...

Thiiis is very Beautiful Gryesoor

melinda said...

this is beautiful Greysor