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I'm on a journey through life trying to make the most of it while learning as much as I can. I'm from Phoenix and I feed off positive energy and good vibes. I have a lot of interests but photography is my main one. If you want an event covered, want a photoshoot, or if you need to get in contact with me for any other reason just shoot me a message at and we'll make it happen. You can hit me up on twitter as well. Thanks for checking out my blog.
Glory to God

Common - The Light

Switched To Tumblr

I have switched back over to tumblr so if you somehow got to this blog just go to

Thanks and goodbye blogger,


Rukstar x Ativcre

Today was a very productive day. I got the chance to shoot with upcoming rapper Rukstar and upcoming producer Ativcre. Here are some of the shots.

Ativcre 1

Ativcre 4

Ativcre 3

Rukstar 3

Rukstar 2

Rukstar 1

They each let me preview some of their work and it was dope, on top of that they were humble which is always cool. Be on the lookout for them, I will hit you with links to their work in the near future.

All Glory To God

Tiana Monique

Tiana Chucks

Earlier this week I got the chance to check out Tiana and Female Prophecy's dance practice. She has been working hard on her album and is getting ready for her upcoming shows. You all might as well hop on board right now so you can brag about how you knew her before she shocked the world.

Tiana 1

Female Prochecy

Dance Rehearsal

Dance Rehearsal
Keep up the good work yo!

A Real G.O.O.D Party

Rooftop 20

Rooftop 19

First off let me give a shoutout to the homie DJ Fresh 85. Everybody came out to party it up for his 25th birthday at Regne. I had a good time and the whole event was just all around awesome. Big Sean came through to show love, he's a real cool dude and his performance was dope. Good people and good music made for a real good night. Shout out to everybody who came through, AZ stand up.

Big Sean

Rooftop 29

Rooftop 22

Rooftop 1

Rooftop 41

Rooftop 38

Rooftop 21

Rooftop 26

Rooftop 39

Rooftop 30

Rooftop 15

Rooftop 34

Rooftop 28

Rooftop 11

Rooftop 4

Rooftop 10

Rooftop 5

Rooftop 6

Rooftop 40

Rooftop 3

Rooftop 24

Rooftop 8

Rooftop 7

Rooftop 23

Rooftop 12

Rooftop 18

Rooftop 13

Rooftop 16

I'm going to post some more later, I am still editing.

More Shooting In Scottsdale


The lil homie Khalid needed some promo shots for his mixtape so we shot in and around Fashion Square. Shoutout to King and Duck and Highpoint Shoes.

Skatepark Cont.

Just a few more shots from the other day.

Marc Meezy

Marc Meezy 4

Marc Meezy 3

Marc Meezy 2

K. Watson

K. Watson 4

Me and Kim headed downtown again to do some shooting.

K. Watson 9

K. Watson 7

K. Watson 6

Wood Tip Wine

K. Watson 10

K. Watson 3

K. Watson 2

K. Watson 1