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I'm on a journey through life trying to make the most of it while learning as much as I can. I'm from Phoenix and I feed off positive energy and good vibes. I have a lot of interests but photography is my main one. If you want an event covered, want a photoshoot, or if you need to get in contact with me for any other reason just shoot me a message at and we'll make it happen. You can hit me up on twitter as well. Thanks for checking out my blog.
Glory to God

Common - The Light

Rukstar x Ativcre

Today was a very productive day. I got the chance to shoot with upcoming rapper Rukstar and upcoming producer Ativcre. Here are some of the shots.

Ativcre 1

Ativcre 4

Ativcre 3

Rukstar 3

Rukstar 2

Rukstar 1

They each let me preview some of their work and it was dope, on top of that they were humble which is always cool. Be on the lookout for them, I will hit you with links to their work in the near future.

All Glory To God