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I'm on a journey through life trying to make the most of it while learning as much as I can. I'm from Phoenix and I feed off positive energy and good vibes. I have a lot of interests but photography is my main one. If you want an event covered, want a photoshoot, or if you need to get in contact with me for any other reason just shoot me a message at and we'll make it happen. You can hit me up on twitter as well. Thanks for checking out my blog.
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Hussle In The House

Hussle Nigga

I just got back from the Nipsey Hussle show downtown put on by High Society. It was dope and the Slauson Boyz even came through to show love. All in all it was a good night. Everybody was just kicking back and having a good time watching the opening acts, then Nipsey came and shut it down. He was a cool dude and was showing mad AZ love. The cops started tripping at 12 and said the place had to close or something so he only had like a 10 min spot, but it was still sick. I got some video that I'll post later.

Hussle In The House


Nipsey Rockin

Shoutouts to High Society, XPOZ Magazine, and everyone else who came and showed love.


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